Height: 8832086 ✴ Transactions: 124988 ✴ Difficulty: 84998 ✴ Hashrate: 4.25 KH/s ✴ Reward: 0.01 ✴Supply: 2673697 ✴Emission: 26.74%

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2017-10-30 @ 12:00 by Zhe


Soldo is a novel coin based on the modified CryptoNight PoW algorithm called SoftCrypton.

Soldo was designed as a light alternative to current Cryptonote-based coins.

It should be mineable even with low-end PCs, including phones and tablets.

Blockchain size and network load plan to stay at reasonable level as well.

Transfer's tiny flat fee is another key point of Soldo for everyday use.

2017-10-30 @ 12:00 by Zhe


Name - Soldo

Ticker - SLD

Algo - SoftCrypton

Difficulty target 20 sec

Transaction confirmations - 18 blocks

P2P port - 33711

RPC port - 33712


  • s1.soldo.in:33711
  • s2.soldo.in:33711
  • s3.soldo.in:33711

2017-10-30 @ 12:00 by Zhe

Mining and Rewards

Total amount of mineable coins is 10.000.000

NO premine.

First block will have 50.000 coins (0,5%).

Next 1000 blocks will have 100 SLD rewards.

This is an Early Adopters Rush Mining Bonus.

Everybody can mine within this Rush time, but should be warned - this Rush Reward will be LOCKED for at least 26 weeks (750.000 blocks).

Ordinary block reward is flat.

Reward equal to 1 before 2.500.000 SLD and 0.01 SLD later.

Soldo for miners stimulating has a built-in lotery, so the regular block reward can sometimes be multilpied by the "luck" factor of the lottery.

You can win x2, x100, x1.000, x10.000 lottery tickets and x100.000 Jackpot!!!

No pools, solo mining only.

NO GPU mining as well.

But I have to admit you can fork any GPU miner and start your own pool at any time - nobody can prevent it.

A lot of orphan block expected while difficulty is low - be advised.

2017-10-30 @ 12:00 by Zhe

Contacts and social media


BT main topic

BT Russian topic






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BTC Alpha

2017-10-30 @ 12:00 by Zhe

Ratings, ranking and analytics

Coin Codex


2017-10-30 @ 12:00 by Zhe

Block Explorer & API

Block Explorer

Basic Blockchain Explorer

Coin statistics

Current Soldo Supply

Current Soldo Supply in Atomic Units

Markets data



2017-10-30 @ 12:00 by Zhe

Ecosystem Roadmap


Post-launch fixes

Full key management

Recovery seed

Code change for public nodes

Paper wallet for cold storage

Transaction comments

Blockchain Explorer

Fusion transactions

Code refactoring

GUI Wallet


Basic website

Public nodes

Blockchain Explorer

Wiki or other knowledge center

Site translation

Payment gateway implementation

Exchange listing

2019 - 2021

Web wallets / escrow payments

Bacis exchange with shares belong to Soldo holders

Colorful website

Internet and POS sales solution

Real silver/golden tokens payment system with shares belong to Soldo holders

2022 - 2023

Fiat currency licence in EUR

Exchange with shares belong to Soldo holders

2017-10-30 @ 12:00 by Zhe

Future development

Donations are appreciated, wallet addresses are:

BTC >>   32BwwVBnQ71sxVtvRLsCMirzSg8UsLGMpr


ZEC >>   t1XU1hybuqMXp3zFqsUNjgXjkxxDQ2kv6j9

BCH >>   qrl9vu6rpkp0hythu57rxcly4ywskqe0d5lq606h4g


DOGE >>  D5XVSK7e3xRPyMjNtpQ7a8ztRTJYp67vgK