Quick start guide for Windows users


Windows archive contains several apps and batch files.

Useful files

  • sldd.exe - coin’s daemon
  • sldw.exe - wallet app
  • sldm.exe - CPU solo miner app

  • new-wallet.bat - batch file to generate new wallet
  • daemon.bat - batch file to start coin’s daemon
  • wallet.bat - batch file to start wallet app with your wallet file and password
  • miner.bat - batch file to run mining

First step - Generating new wallet

  • Edit new-wallet.bat file, change the name and location of your wallet file as well as password.
  • Save.
  • Don’t start daemon, but run new-wallet.bat instead.
  • You will get new wallet file with password supplied as result.

WARINING - backup *.wallet file ASAP to another pc, remote location of flash drive.

Second - edit miner batch file

  • Open *.wallet.address file in notepad and copy your SLD address to clipboard [Ctrl+C].
  • Edit miner.bat file, paste just copied address instead of default.
  • Change number of mining threads if you need.
  • Save.

Prepare wallet batch file

  • Edit wallet.bat, change the name and location of your wallet file as well as password.
  • The easiest way is simple copy this params from new-wallet.bat file.
  • Save.

Start daemon.

  • Clear cache if you used test version of daemon. To do this, press [Win+R] key, type %APPDATA%, and delete sld folder if you have one.

  • Run daemon.bat.

  • Wait to full sync.

If daemon will not find any seed - check your windows firewall and home/office router NAT and firewall rules.

If still failed - ask for assistance at official Ryver forum - https://zzl.ryver.com/application/signup/members/h07SVMfFAvFRGiZ

Start mining

If your daemon found any seed and became fully synced - start mining.

Start miner.bat.

Another way - just type:

start_mining your_sld_wallet_address threads_count

inside daemon’s app window, where your_sld_wallet_address is the same you have in miner.bat file and threads_count - munber of mining threads.