Reward Specifications


Total supply

Total amount of mineable coins - 10M (10.000.000)


NO premain.

First block will be mined instantly and will have 50.000 coins (0,5%).

All this coins will be transferred to Project Evolution Fund and will be kept with public audit.

Anyone can buy any amount of this coins at 0.00025 BTC rate.

We will spend most of the BTC received to pay exchange listing.

Promo actions will be paid from this fund in SLD as well.

The auction will start in 26 weeks after coin launch if coins will still remain in this fund.

Rush Mining Reward

Next 1000 blocks will have 100 SLD rewards.

This is Early Adopters Rush Mining Bonus.

Everybody can mine within this Rush time, but should be warned - this Rush Reward will be LOCKED for at least 26 weeks (750.000 blocks).


Ordinary block reward is flat and equal to 1 SLD.

Soldo for miners stimulating has a built-in loterie, so the regular block reward can sometimes be multilpied by the “luck” factor of the lottery.

You can win x2, x100, x1.000, x10.000 lottery tickets and x100.000 Jackpot !!!