Soldo Mission



Soldo is a new experimental coin based on the modified Cryptonote PoW algorithm called SoftCrypton.

Soldo was designed as a light alternative to current Cryptonote-based coins. It should be mineable even with low-end PCs, including phones and tablets. Blockchain size and network load plan to stay at reasonable level as well. Transfer’s tiny flat fee is another key point of Soldo for everyday use.

Developers are planning to release all features required for flawless everyday use. Each Cryptonote-based coin has its weak and storng points. Soldo will borrow the strongest ideas from the most popular coins and combine all of them in the single coin.

Core developers will be available for contacts and will accept any useful code updates at Github base.


Soldo borrow the name of an Italian medieval silver coin, issued for the first time in the late 12th century at Milan by Emperor Henry VI.

It quickly became widespread in Italy where it was coined in Genoa, Bologna, and numerous other cities. In Venice, the soldo was minted from the reign of Francesco Dandolo onward, remaining in use until 1862.